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About WAM

WAM Logistics is a logistics consulting company specializing primarily in LTL, full truck, expedited, and international shipping solutions. Founded in 2011 in Metro Detroit, more than half of our growth year after year is attributed to referrals we receive from our customers. Our strong partnerships both domestically and internationally, allow WAM Logistics the ability to source freight solutions for customers worldwide. Through decades of experience our team is uniquely positioned to improve supply chain operations and encourage growth for businesses both large and small. 

In an industry as heavily saturated as ours, we understand that reliable customer service is everything. We strive to deliver a customer experience that is second to none, in our industry or any other. We realize that cost is a top concern with any transaction in today's market and while we can compete with anyone on that front, it's our service level that allows WAM Logistics to stand out above the rest.  

To become the most Loved, Trusted and Valued service provider our customers, vendors and employees have ever had the pleasure to work with.​

Our mission is to produce the absolute BEST customer experience possible through real, reliable, and individual personal interactions that continuously raise the bar for what a B2B relationship should be.​

We understand that the value we provide our customers begins and ends with our people. We believe our customers enjoy an experience that is unique within our industry because our people are unique. Each of our employees make up a different and special part of our company and WAM Logistics is simply the sum of those parts. Our company motto is Work Hard, Take Care of Each Other, and Have Fun. We encourage inclusion, celebrate ideas and put high importance on recognition. ​

Our Vision
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