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WAM Logistics is a multi-modal logistics consulting company specializing in LTL, full truck, expedited, and international shipping solutions. Our mission is to produce the absolute best customer experience possible through real, reliable, and honest personal interactions. We pride ourselves in offering customizable, adaptable and convenient solutions that fit YOUR business model, not ours.


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Our Product Is Your Experience

We're obsessed with YOUR success. Whether it's training your staff on best practices, auditing freight bills or any number of factors causing you headaches, our team has a hands on approach to identify issues and fix them for good. 

Let us make your job easier!

Results you can rely on.

Old school service. New school tech.

Service is the beginning, middle and end of our story. Our customers enjoy all of the benefits reserved for industry leading billion dollar companies while still counting on WAM Logistics' personal, meticulous, and individually tailored service team. 

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Full Service Logistics Solutions
Know Whats Coming & Going
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Always know what's coming and going.

Tracking updates on ALL of your freight, sent to YOUR inbox EVERY morning.

Coffee? Check.

Bagel? Check.

Comprehensive list of all of your freight in transit with current status, locations & ETAs delivered directly to your inbox each morning? Checkmate.

Where's your freight?

Full transparency from pickup to payment. 

It's our responsibility to ensure your invoice matches your expectations.

That's why we audit every invoice, every time. Eliminate costly surprises and let us take the guesswork out of invoicing.

Unexpected charges?

Rebills Suck
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